What is Ex-proof?
Exproof is a word made up of the words Explosion and Proof in English. Its Turkish meaning also means protected against explosion.
Normal work in many industries dealing with flammable ignitable and explosive substances such as petroleum, petroleum products, chemicals, natural gas, coal mines, grain silos, sugar factories, timber and furniture factories, bread bakeries and factories, pharmaceutical industry, some branches of the food industry or in cases such as malfunction and maintenance (due to gas, dust or flammable liquid vapor), an explosive atmosphere occurs. The static heating of the electrical devices and the arc they produce due to their operation endanger these environments and cause explosions. Therefore, electrical devices used in explosive atmospheres of such workplaces must be different. This event is called EXPROOF and the tools used are called ex-proof electrical appliances.
In order to meet the criteria for the degree of explosion protection, a housing must be able to prevent the ignition of sparks contained in it, steam, gases, dust or fibers in the surrounding air. Therefore, explosion-proof electrical panel does not mean that the panel can withstand an external explosion or prevent the explosion. It means that the panel absorbs an internal spark and the ability to prevent a much larger explosion without the flame being released into the outside atmosphere. An explosion proof product is usually placed in a frame made of cast aluminum or stainless steel. The ex-proof product feature must be given to products approved by the competent authorities after passing the prescribed tests.
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