BDD95 Series Exproof LED Lighting

BDD95 Series Exproof LED Lighting

BDD95 Series Exproof LED Lighting
Explosion protection EN, IEC
Zone 1,2,21,22
Class I, Zone 1,2
Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
Applicable lamp and power (max.160W)
LED: 60W, 90W, 120W, 160W
Isolated LED lamp compartment, CC-CV (constant current - constant voltage) power controller compartment and terminal compartment; air convection heat dissipation structure.
New COB technology, large power and white light LED array, single LED's power can reach 20W ~ 40W, high illumination efficiency, long service life.
Under two types of light: spotlight and floodlight, which can be selected optionally.
160-type lighting with integrated double lamp model options, (2x120W, 2X160W)
Requires little maintenance due to long service life up to 100,000 operating hours.
Global (IECEx) IECEx CQM 15.0047X
Gas and dust Ex db e IIC T? 1) Gb Ex tb IIIC T? 1) Db IP66
Europe (ATEX) EPT 15 ATEX 2315X
Gas and dust II 2 G Ex db e IIC T? 1) Gb II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T? 1) Db IP66
Certifications IECEx; ATEX; CU-TR; UL
Conformity to standards EN; IEC
Degree of protection IP66
Ambient temperature -40? ~ + 55?
Copper-free Aluminum Alloy, powder coated surface, gray
Toughened glass, 4J impact resistant
Weight 8.5 ~ 11.6kg
Dimensions 330x330x395mm
Lamp characteristics LED module, Multi LED
Lamp power (W) 60W 90W 120W 160W
Color Temperature 5700K
Rated voltage 100 ~ 300V AC 50 / 60Hz
Nominal luminous flux 7230 ~ 18480lm
Terminal 3 x 1.5 ~ 4mm2 (L + N + PE)
Cable entries 2
The cable gland DQM-I (Ex e) is recommended.
Technicial Specifications

ATEX Certified