DB4B Speaker

DB4B Speaker

DB4B speaker from Eaton
Eaton is pleased to announce that the DB4B, a high quality explosion proof loudspeaker, has now been further developed to include a wider range of certification. In addition to existing ATEX, IECEx, cULus, CUTR, CQST and Inmetro certifications, DB4B has confirmed that it includes Inmetro, DNV, CCOE and SIL2 and expands its wide applications in the oil and gas industry.
Manufactured from GRP Ex enclosure and durable thermoplastic glare, DB4B offers a product that is both corrosion resistant and aesthetically pleasing. The specific SPL figure for sensitivity (1W @ 1m) is 110dB at 1d, and the reserved power for a 25W unit produces 124dB, a 15W unit produces 122dB and an 8W unit produces 120dB. With 8W and 15W units producing enough SPL to meet most specifications, end users can install units with lower power consumption, thus reducing the amount of application and support equipment required. (Please note all SPL ratings are +/- 3dB).
The units are approved between -55 ° C and + 70 ° C *, ensuring our products are suitable for safe use in the harshest operating environments.
The DB4B has an enhanced frequency response † that ensures critical voice messages and general alarm sounds are highly intelligible. This extended frequency response ensures that the human voice can be heard and clearly understood as shown in the frequency response chart below. In addition, the new unit provides a clearer sound for consonants, allowing quieter and clearer speech.
Options include DC blocking capacitors for monitored systems and a pivoting bracket that provides greater flexibility when placing the unit in the monitor. The short flare option is a worthy addition to the range offering high SPL and wide dispersion angle in a compact unit.
Datasheets and other technical documents can be downloaded here.
ATEX Certified