Communication devices for use in industrial hazardous areas
It must be particularly well adapted to the extreme working conditions to which they will be exposed.
Our Ex-phone has been developed to work in the petrochemical industry, offshore facilities, mills and ports, i.e.
It is resistant to extreme temperatures, air humidity, sea water, dust and strong mechanical wear. Approved for use in hazardous dust and gaseous environments.
The ExResistTel is fully programmable and equipped with a 21-piece stainless (V4A) steel keypad designed for use with gloves.
Letters and figures are clearly shown on the alphanumeric display.
ExResistTel also has all the useful features that have become standard in the field of office communication. Optional extras and
components - especially approved for hazardous areas - make our phone even more functional.
Our ExResistTel device is the right decision for a secure connection - comfortable and reliable in hazardous areas.
ATEX Certified