GboX Ex e Exproof  Non-Metallic Enclosures Terminal

GboX Ex e Exproof Non-Metallic Enclosures Terminal

GboX Ex e Exproof Non-Metallic Terminal Housings
Eaton's Crouse-Hinds range of GboX junction and terminal enclosures is a glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) terminal box solution designed to be used in industry-standard sizes to fit connection and terminal enclosures, metallic cable glands, cable entries on multiple sides / faces, and common end-user specifications. .
Manufactured to meet the most demanding and hazardous area environmental applications, GBox enclosures are a worldwide certified enclosure for Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 areas. The enclosures are certified to meet the oil and gas industries requiring for impact, thermal and IP66 ingress protection.
GboX containment solutions provide corrosion resistance, impact resistance and ingress protection in harsh and hazardous areas.
Certifications and compatibilities 
Empty Boxes
IECEx TUR 19.0040U; TÜV 19 ATEX 8392U
ATEX mark: Ex II 2G Ex eb IIC Gb; Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC Db
IECEx mark: Ex eb IIC Gb; Ex. Tb IIIC Db
EAC Certificate - continues
IP66 accd. IEC60529
Terminal Enclosures
IECEx BVS 18.0065X; BVS 18 ATEX E 077X
ATEX mark: Ex II 2G Ex eb IIC T6 / T5 / T4 * Gb; Example II 2D Example tb IIIC T80 ° C / T95 ° C / T110 ° C * Db
IECEx mark: Ex eb IIC T6 / T5 / T4 * Gb; Ex. T IIIC T80 ° C / T95 ° C / T110 ° C * Db
EAC certification - continues
IP66 accd.ECEC60529
Design features
Heavy duty glass reinforced polyester (GRP) construction provides corrosion resistance and antistatic surface
Made for harsh environments - IP 66 protection, superior impact resistance and stainless steel captive cap screw
Certified as an empty enclosure and factory installed terminal boxes to ATEX, IECEX and EAC standards
Silicone sealing for service temperatures from -60 ° C to + 110 ° C
Terminal enclosures contain intrinsically safe circuits in accordance with IEC / EN 60079-11.
Standard Materials
Enclosure - AL9011 black coated GRP (glass reinforced polyester)
Gasket - silicone
Cap screws - M4 / M6 captive screws (304 stainless steel)
Technicial Specifications

ATEX Certified